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Entry Process

A detailed description of the entry process will be available to you shortly. Until then...

What is different in 2014

All requirements are now being entered and uploaded online. The following categories still require exhibit materials to be send in:

  • Best Low-Rise Ad Campaign
  • Best High or Mid-Rise Ad Campaign
  • Best Low-Rise Project Sales Brochure
  • Best High or Mid-Rise Sales Brochure

We will only be asking for company names for "Who Helped You". The companies you enter must be members of OHBA to be recognized.

Changed Categories:

Architectural Design

  • Most Outstanding Production Built Home (One storey)
    – now combined
  • Most Outstanding Custom Home (Up to 3000 sq. ft.)
    – previously 2500 sq. ft.
  • Most Outstanding Custom Home (3001 – 5000 sq. ft.)
    – previously 2501 – 5000 sq. ft.


  • Most Outstanding Home Renovation (Actual Retail Value up to $250,000)
    – previously $100,000
  • Most Outstanding Home Renovation (Actual Retail Value between $250,001 - $500,000)
    – previously between $100,001 - $500,000

Room Design

  • Most Outstanding New Home Kitchen (New home up to 2000 sq. ft.)
  • Most Outstanding New Home Kitchen (New home 2001 sq. ft. and over)
    – previously only one category, now split by sq. ft.

New Categories:

Project Image & Advertising

  • Best Video Low-Rise Project (1 – 3 storeys)
  • Best Video High or Mid Rise Project (4 + storeys)
  • Best Use of Social Media

Prestige Awards:

  • OHBA People’s Choice Award
  • OHBA Ontario Renovator of the Year